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I love reading.

Whether for escaping, awakening imagination, expanding awareness, or healing, I revere the power of literature. 

In the past ten years or so, I have become a voracious consumer of non-fiction; poetry collections, academic papers, essays, & magazine articles have all acted as guideposts through trauma recovery, parenting, career building, and self-nurture. While in university, I completed a certification in bibliotherapy, an experience that further cultivated yearning to use literature to help others on their healing journeys. Most recently, I remembered through reflection after a therapy session that I loved reading fiction as a young girl. In the hectic chaos of my teen years and accompanying adulthood, I had forgotten this simple truth about myself, so in a quest to reconnect with my inner child, I have taken to reading fiction again, and find my time spent in stories to be sweetly sacred. 

Coming soon: 

  • A list of what I consider to be non-fiction necessities, and a list of my fiction favs

Yearning to join a book club? Let me know! 

thank you!

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