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about me & this thing i'm doing here...


hi, i'm elizabeth;

a complex human aching for inner calm, ritual, companionship, and collective ancestral healing. I’m tired of carrying the war of my childhood in my body, a permeation I don’t always understand, so I’m learning to focus on gratitude, reframe my narrative, become a normal amount of vigilant, acknowledge joy, and create whatever practice Spirit calls on me to create. Immersion in nature is where reconciliation of my spirit is most accessible. I have a tenderness for water - I see myself within each form from raging to trickling. When I pray, I commune with God(dess), a divinity I believe encompasses masculine & feminine energy.   


exhalations is a dwelling to honor the out breath of those that have inspired me, and a home to compile my own ponderings & experiences in both word and photograph. Intentions to grow this hub of creativity into a community of like-souled beings pulses in the background and will most certainly occur when the Universe deems it time to do so.

join the exhalations collective!

blessings, friends!

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