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sunburst (free doily pattern)

One of my favorite internet finds is free doily patterns. Oh, am I ever doily obsessed, so much so that I am contemplating stenciling doilies on my 91 gmc sierra, to girl her up. the idea of this old, rusty truck adventuring around with doilies on her gives me so much joy.

Anyways, I have gratefully received so many free patterns so am sharing a pattern to a doily I designed. She is best strung up in a hoop and can be decorated as you choose with your favorite trims. If you decide to not lace this doily into a hoop, it will likely need to be pressed, flattened, or starched upon completion.

You might notice a button & lace designs logo in the bottom right corner - button & lace designs is my almost non-existent etsy shop, one of many online projects I very well may filter into this one. Here she is:

stitched with size 10 cotton cord

materials needed:

  • yarn & hook of your choice – pictured above is an ivory sz 10 cotton and below is multi-colored 80/20 merino both stitched together with a 2.25mm hook.

  • 6 inch bamboo hoop

  • various trims if you desire to decorate bottom of hoop

level: intermediate

stitches used:

ch = chain sl st = slip stitch sc = single crochet dc = double crochet tc = triple crochet sc2tog = single crochet 2 together


  1. ch 7, join with a sl st

  2. ch 4, *dc into ring, ch 1* 12 times, join with a sl st in 3rd chain of original ch 4. There will be a total of 13 posts

  3. sl st into ch 1 sp, ch 5, *dc in next space, ch 2* 12 times, join with sl st in 3rd chain of original ch 5

  4. ch 4, *tc into ch 3 space, ch 3, sc into dc from previous round, ch 3* around joining the original ch 4 with a sl st in the 1st chain. At this point, your doily should be floral in shape, with 13 petals. Doily won’t lay flat until the end

  5. ch 1, *sc, dc, tc in next space, ch 2, tc, dc, sc in following space, sc2tog* around. Join ch 1 with a sl st. Triple crochet’s from previous round live underneath each ch 2 space

  6. sl st up the side of the first incline of stitches until you are in the nearest ch 2 space, *sc into ch 2 space, ch 7* around joining final chain to first SC with a sl st

  7. sl st into ch 7 space, *sc, dc, tc, dc, sc into space, ch2* around joining the final ch 2 with a sl st into the first sc

  8. sl st towards tc post, ch 6, *dc into ch 2 space, ch 5, sc into tc, ch 5* around, joining the final ch 5 to the original chain 6 with a sl st into the 2nd chain

  9. sl st into chain space, *sc, dc, tc, 2 ch, tc, dc, sc, sc2tog* in each chain space, connecting the final sc2tog with a sl st to the 1st sc

  10. tuck in loose ends

  11. hoop: pulling yarn through the ch 2 space and around the hoop, stretch doily to fit within the inner hoop. knot the ends of yarn together and secure outer hoop over yarn

stitched with 80/20 fingerling merino wool

I’d love to see your creation so if you share images of your finished product on social media, tag me on instagram @exhalationsbyea, and please use the hashtags #buttonandlacedesigns & #exhalationscollective.

Blessed Stitching!


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