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wildflowers: series opener

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

Because my art is intimately connected to my life, I experience profound therapeutic delight evolving certain pieces from the past. This following piece is a rebirth of a few poems from a poetry collection I published a few years ago. I wrote these poems through the ending of a marriage; a tender time of sacred separating and holy excavating, and bring them together to celebrate continued steps towards wholeheartedness. This following piece will kick off a new series which I will lovingly, and blissfully, refer to as "wildflowers".

Our younger versions & past selves embody lighthouses, if we let them. Praise Be Intuition. Praise Be Spirit.

Onward we go,

i. burn away with the ashes float away with the wind land on the petals of wildflowers become one with the meadow

ii. I found reprieve among the background of a quiet meadow

dug my feet into soil felt them take root with the wildflowers around me filled my lungs with freshly cleaned air thanked God for this meadow & waited in contemplative silence while the rains poured & my soul healed

iii. intention passion courage authenticity surrender faith connection lovingkindness reclamation

therapy forgiveness expression restfulsolitude humility divineconnection service compassion movement communion self-nurture -wildflowers

Dig deep. Stay wild.



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